Spun Sugar Jewellery

About Spun Sugar Jewellery

As you walk into the shop a bell rings out happily. Pretty glass jars line the walls for as far as you can see, filled with hundreds of brightly coloured sweets.

From fizzing flying saucers to tangy fruit salads and chewy cherry lips to chocolate limes, everyone remembers the times they stood in the sweet shop with a few pennies clutched in their hand, excitedly trying to decide which sweets they need the most.

I love the excitement that sweet shops bring to people of all ages, which inspired me to use sugar and sweet wrappers in my jewellery. The bright colours glimmer and shine in the light, bringing a striking and unusual effect, and the sugar is perfectly preserved in resin.

Spun Sugar Jewellery is by far my favourite jewellery on my dressing table! I have bespoke wedding jewellery which will remind me of my big day for a lifetime, to specially commissioned pieces - all of which Victoria was more than happy to create.

All of Spun Sugar's pieces are designed to last forever, as long as they're well looked after. I use sterling silver, which can be kept bright and shiny with a polishing cloth. And the resin used in my sugar and wrapped pieces will perfectly preserve their contents.

An obsessive, not only of sweets, but also of jewellery, I made and sold my first sets of beaded earrings at the age of 13. Then after many years of learning and perfecting various jewellery techniques, including silversmithing, I'm now producing the pieces you see today. A fascination with how all types of jewellery is made has meant that I'm constantly thinking of the best ways of constructing new designs.

They're all handmade by myself, in my little studio in Worcestershire. Which means that not only will you get something unique, but I can also tailor-make a special commission exactly to your requirements. Whether you have a favourite sweet or colour, or would like one of my hand-stamped pieces to put a special someone's name or a personal message, I make everything from scratch and can help create the perfect present.

I hope that by wearing a piece of Spun Sugar Jewellery you can bring back all of the special childhood memories that we all cherish so much.