Spun Sugar Jewellery

Dainty rainbow kali studs

Sterling silver studs filled with sugar and resin

Remember those big bags of kali you used to save up your pennies for at the sweet shop? You'd dig your fingers right to the corners of the paper bag to get all the bits out, and get it all stuck to your fingers (and your face). These sugary studs remind me of multicoloured kali, but they're actually multi-coloured sugar strands of turquoise, sparkly white and sparkly pink, perfectly preserved in resin, set inside sterling silver studs.

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8mm round sterling silver studs, filled with resin and sugar

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The jewellery always arrives beautifully packaged and on time - the service is simply excellent. I cannot count the number of times people have commented on how beautiful the designs are. I'll be ordering again soon, that's for sure!

Anna Winkles, Birmingham